Komori Hakusho (Deceased)

Trusted apprentice


Komori Hakusho was a short but tenacious young man in his late teens. He had completed his gempukku early, and so appeared young for a wakizashi carrying samurai. His youthful appearance was doubled by his green eyes, a symbol of life and vitality in Rokugan.

These same green eyes also served as a sign of good fortune at his birth that he would bear “Soul of Jade” that would help preserve him and those close to him from taint.


A promising student of the Komori shugenja school, Hakusho-san was talented from an early age. Shortly after he completed his gempukku he began to show signs of being an Ishiken. This led to his being apprenticed under Isawa Narukami, who had grown greatly in renown.

As Narukamis-san’s student, Komori-san was a devoted, and followed his sensei to the battle of the river of fire. Sometime after the part got scattered Komori-san was gravely wounded, and died.

Komori Hakusho (Deceased)

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